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Ninth Circuit Upholds Owners Rights to Seek Contribution From Third Parties for ADA Violations

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Department of Justice ADA Guide 2010
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April 19-22, 2018 | San Francisco, Ca.

CalAccessibility serves the greater Bay Area. We Are licensed and CASp certified #109. 

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If you own, operate or lease to a business that serves the public then you are obligated under the Federal Civil Rights law to be in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

CalAccessibility surveyors are Certified Access Specialists trained in ADA requirements and guidelines, have an Architecture background and will:

Minimize your lawsuit risk exposure and become
ADA compliant under the Americans with Disabilities Act

ADA Law in California
This seminar will seek to educate attorneys on the fundamentals of ADA law in the State of California.  For example, listeners will learn, among other things, the history behind the ADA; they will learn what types of properties are obligated to comply with the ADA and what they must do to be in compliance; they will learn what types of claims and defenses are available in ADA litigation; and they will learn settlement strategies to use in ADA litigation. 

Moderator:  Steven W. Blake, Galuppo & Blake
Angela Jemmott, Executive Director of California Commission on Disability Access 
Bassam Altwal, CASp, Master in Architecture
Daniel Watts, Galuppo & Blake

Real Property

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Conduct a CASp survey of your property for ADA compliance:

  • Recommend improvements in order to obtain compliance.
  • Help you know your rights and protect against lawsuits.
  • Take you through construction documents, permitting & construction administration.

According to the Legislative Council a Certified Access Specialists (CASp) "may not authorize a person under his or her responsible control to perform facility inspections ​for the purpose of the act.”