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 Here are some common ADA barriers

Toilet seat paper dispenser needs a 30x48 clear space In front of it,
and not to be mounted over 40” high.
Toilet paper needs to be under the grab bar.

  Door threshold can’t be over ¼” high or ½” when beveled.

Door handles must be the lever type to allow  a person with disabilities to use it with closed fist.

Truncated domes, (the yellow sheets) have to be installed whenever a path
of travel crosses a vehicular way to alert blind people to the danger ahead


Tables must allow a clear space 30x48 with a clear space under table by 19”


Suit numbers have to have Braille writing on it and the
 sign needs to be installed above floor level at 60” center

ADA accessible doors must have the Accessible sign indicating their accessibility.


Service counter must have a counter space that is 36” wide by the
depth of the counter at 34” high and kept clear of displays or objects.

Accessible parking access aisle must have lines painted blue to indicate ADA curb


Parking sign when in path of travel needs
to be installed at a min. 80” from the bottom of the sign.


Stairs cannot have an open risers (trip hazard), needs railing
on both sides, and striping that covers the whole width of the steps.

Door landings must not be sloped and max. slope acceptable is 2%

Doors must have clearance of 12” x 48 “ on the push side of the door,
18”x60” at the pull side of interior doors and 24” x 60” at the pull side of exterior doors.



































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